When you’re on the road a lot, you learn to keep your needs to a minimum. Over the years I’ve grown used to packing light and falling asleep in even the most chaotic conditions. However, there is one issue that can make my time abroad a little more challenging i.e. finding a place to eat. As a long-time vegan, I usually have to spend time researching vegan-friendly restaurants in the town I am in, before I can feel completely comfortable ordering a meal. Once we get outside the major cities and Yelp reviews become increasingly scarce, I usually have to put my faith in local recommendations instead. That being said, there are a number of destinations across the world where vegan and vegetarian food culture is absolutely thriving. Here are some the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

London, England
London falls alongside places like New York and Tokyo as one of the world’s few global cities. The metropolis boasts a diverse populace and a thriving culinary scene that accommodates pretty much every taste imaginable. London definitely doesn’t disappoint when it comes to vegan food either. At last count there are over 120 vegan restaurants dotted across the city, offering everything from vegan- friendly curry and doner kebab to completely vegan sushi bar. London also plays host to an annual VegFest event that draws thousands of visitors every year.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin is another European capital that completely lives up to its billing. Local listings show over 450 vegan-friendly eateries located across the city, which is pretty crazy for a city of just 3.5 million people. In fact, Germany is regularly cited as the real birthplace of veganism, not bad for a country that’s best known for its schnitzels and frankfurters. Speaking of sausages, you can find vegan-friendly alternatives too in many Bavarian delicacies in the city. There is also a chain of vegan grocery stores, a vegan donut shop, and even a vegan shoe store to visit!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
With its bike lanes and organic farms, Amsterdam has always been known as one of the most eco- friendly cities in the world. But over the past couple of years, the Dutch capital has also developed a reputation for its vegan food. If you’ve got the munchies then you can find at least 200 restaurants that can cater to your cravings across the city. Notable standouts include the world famous Weed Burger (made from seaweed) and a new vegan junk food bar.

Prague, Czech Republic While Prague might not immediately stand out as a vegan hotspot, this beautiful European city has been silently building a pretty impressive alternative food scene, and today it’s acknowledged as one of the best places to go for vegan street food. Amongst the dishes you need to try are traditional Czech dumplings and the vegan grocery store Puro, meanwhile raw food lovers can check out the inimitable Vegan’s Prague.

Vienna, Austria Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities on earth bar none, and a big part of its charm is down the way the Austrian capital is able to blend the traditional with the trendy. You can definitely see this unique quality in the city’s thriving vegan scene. Vienna boasts sustainable clothing shops, conflict-free goods markets, and dozens of vegan-friendly restaurants including the Cuchina, which serves an all-day vegan breakfast, and the vegan-friendly Viennese bakery called Ankerbot.