Band teaches students about music in recording studio

by Kristen ChapmanFriday, September 28th 2018

Band teaches students about music in recording studio. (WPEC)

BOCA RATON, Fla. (CBS12( — For the last four weeks, students at The Salt Academy in Boca Raton spent time learning how to make music in a recording studio with the local band, The Von.”

The Von is a South Florida rock/Indie band known for their album, Ei8ht.”

However, the band does more than tour and rock out at shows. Even beyond their focus on the environment, they enjoy sharing their music with young students.

Luis Bonilla, the Von’s lead singer, bass player and producer, explained, “What I want to communicate to them in every class here, is that they are creating art, they’re creating art with electricity, with signals.”

The students have shown up at the studio every Friday to learn about the different sounds the studio can create using their own voices in the microphone.

Even though many of the kids said they won’t pursue music, they did say this inspired them to keep learning.