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Online Link: Uknightedblog   The Von – Ei8ht The Von have produced an intense and powerful debut with their brand new LP, Ei8ht. The South Florida trie have spent most of the last year toiling over their creation, and they manage to deliver and ex..


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by: Aaron Willschick Original Article on  – puregrainaudio.com       The Skinny: The Von are sharing their new video for “Nothing to Fear,” from their latest, cleverly titled release Ei8ht. The trio who hail from South ..


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Article Link MusicExistence.com     THE VON offer up an intense record with their debut release Ei8ht. The trio who hail from South Florida, provide an eager and unique take at hard rock, making them accessible to the masses. The heavy instrumen..


MY FIRST TIME: Elisa Seda...

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Read on Infectionusmagazine.com Stories of a Female Drummer As long as I can remember, I loved music and I always wanted to be a musician. When I was around 13, I decided to pick up drums. I was naturally coordinated and it didn’t take me long to start..


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View article on Ventsmagazine.com  Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? We have been very busy with our plans to promote our new album titled “ei8ht” which will be out November 20th. It will be available digitally worldwide and later in a co..


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Original article on: realsoundsok.uk Where are you from? We live in South Florida, USA, but we are from different countries. Luis is from Venezuela, Marek from Czech Republic and Elisa from USA. Who else is in your band? Luis (vocals/bass), Marek(guitar/..


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Florida-based band The Von consists of vocalist/bassist Luis Bonilla and guitarist Marek Schneider. For much of their career as The Von, Bonilla and Schneider existed as a trio with someone helping to fill out the band’s sound on the drums. The band now..


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Original article on antimusic.com Singled Out: The Von’s Cry Of War The Von vocalist/bassist Luis Bonilla tells us about their brand new single “Cry Of War” from their forthcoming new album “Ei8ht,” which is set to be release..