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Posted On:01.26.2016
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Florida dwellers Luis Bonilla (vocal/bass), Marek Schneider (guitar), and Elisa Seda (drums) comprise the shamanistic rock group The Von, who released their debut full-length, Ei8ht, in late 2015. We have the premiere for the video for “Cry Of War”. While The Von would be a tight (using the positive connotation here) fit in next-to any heavy rock line up, they also aren’t a band to glaze over in a beer stupor. You’ll hear the familiar distorted guitars that induce you to mosh, but be aware there’s more going on here.

You hear “War” and – you make a lot of assumptions. But what if the war they’re talking about is a personal one? A battle with one’s self to overcome the oppressions one faces in society? The Von use heavy metal motifs to discuss larger issues of the mind and spirit. It’s wholesome rock in the musical vein of Billy Talent, Papa Roach and Audioslave.


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